🍝The Perfect Everyday Dinner🍝

Published: Tue, 04/30/24

Updated: Tue, 04/30/24

Check out my favorite everyday dinner, save 50% on a popular Cestari product, and learn from Readers' tips

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"Life is a combination of magic and pasta." - Federico Fellini


🍝The Perfect Everyday Dinner🍝

~A Few Words From Susan~

If I had to eat one food everyday it would be pasta.
My childhood was pastina with butter when I wasn't feeling well, spaghetti with red sauce for everyday, lasagna for special occasions, and lots in between.
Right now,(for real), I have spaghetti, bucatini, ditalini, sheels, penne, zita, and fettucine in my cabinet, and some farfalle in a pasta jar on the counter.
I make the dough for ravioli in my Cestari pasta machine - which I am offering to you for 50% the Amazon sale price this week with the coupon code below.
This newsletter contains a video with instructions on how to make fresh pasta, as well as an article with tips for matching sauces with pasta shapes for those nights when a box of dried pasta is what you need.





Trivia Question❓

What type of pasta can be translated to mean "little tongues" in Italian?

Answer at the bottom of the newsletter


Tip of the Day


Today's tip for pasta lovers: when cooking spaghetti, don't break the noodles in half! 


Instead, gently push them into the boiling water until they soften enough to bend and fit into the pot.

This helps prevent sticking and ensures a more authentic pasta experience.

Buon appetito!


How to Match Sauce with Pasta


Thinner long pastas like spaghetti and angel hair work well with light sauces like marinara or pesto.


Thicker long pastas such as linguine or bucatini are great for sauces thickened with cheese or cream.


Flat noodles like tagliatelle and pappardelle go well with dairy-thickened sauces or lighter options like pesto.


Short tube-shaped pastas like penne and rigatoni pair well with ragus or thicker sauces.


Small pasta shapes are versatile and go well with most sauces.


Lastly, stuffed pastas like ravioli and tortellini shine when paired with lighter oil or butter-based sauces or simple marinara.


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Readers' Pasta Secrets

Sophia from San Francisco writes , "To achieve perfect al dente pasta, subtract 1-2 minutes from the cooking time listed on the package. Taste test a piece before draining to ensure it's just right!"

Luca from Chicago advises, "For a richer flavor, add a clove of garlic to the boiling water when cooking pasta. It subtly infuses the pasta with a delightful aroma and taste."

Isabella from New Orleans suggests, "Always reserve a cup of pasta water before draining. Adding a little back into your sauce helps it cling to the pasta more effectively, creating a creamier texture."

Marco from Miami adds, "To prevent pasta from sticking together, stir it during the first two minutes of boiling. This is the crucial time when pasta releases the most starch."

Julia from Seattle recommends, "Enhance your pasta dishes by finishing the pasta in the sauce on the stove for a few minutes. This allows the pasta to absorb flavor and helps the sauce adhere better."

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