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Published: Tue, 05/07/24

Updated: Tue, 05/07/24

Learn how to make hot honey in minutes, save 20% on a glass storage jar, and more!

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"The honey is sweet, but the bee has a sting." - Proverb 

🐝🌶️It's All About the Details🌶️🐝

~A Few Words From Susan~

Adding the right condiment can make an ordinary dish extraordinary - and hot honey is one that dresses up everything!  Frozen pizza?  Chicken tenders?  Supermarket cheddar cheese?  All become better with a drizzle of hot honey.  It can be expensve, though - the name brands cost 2-3x as much as regular honey.

Luckily, it is really easy to make yourself - I show you how in this week's video.

And, to help you store your honey, I'm including a 20% off coupon for Cestari's Medium Storage Jar.



Trivia Question❓

What is the only insect that produces food eaten by humans?

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Tip of the Week

Even EASIER Hot Honey...

Simply mix together equal parts honey and hot sauce for a delicious condiment that pairs perfectly with anything from fried chicken to roasted vegetables.

A Guide to Using Hot Honey

Revitalize Pizza Night 
Start with pizza, where a drizzle of hot honey enhances the tomato sauce's tanginess, complementing everything from classic Margheritas to adventurous BBQ chicken pizzas.

Elevate Your Morning Eggs
Hot honey brings a delightful twist to breakfast. Drizzle it over fried or poached eggs to merge sweet heat with creamy yolks.

Transform Traditional Desserts
Incorporate hot honey into baklava to add a subtle spice that complements the sweet, nutty layers, offering a modern twist on this classic dessert.

Create a Buzz with Beverages
Mix hot honey into your evening cocktail or hot toddy. Its warmth and spice provide a comforting, invigorating twist to these sippable favorites.

Rethink Your Snack Time
Turn ordinary popcorn into a gourmet treat by tossing it with a mix of melted butter and hot honey. This sweet and spicy combination promises to elevate your movie nights.

Infuse New Life into Charcuterie
Drizzle hot honey over soft cheeses like burrata or ricotta on your charcuterie board. Its sweetness and heat contrast beautifully with the creamy textures.

Boost Your Baking
Add hot honey to your cornbread batter for a spicy kick, or brush it on baked chicken wings for a sticky, sweet layer that packs a punch.

Upgrade Your Ice Cream
Experiment with unconventional toppings by drizzling hot honey over vanilla or chocolate ice cream, adding an unexpected spice to your dessert.

Spice Up Your Vegetables
Toss roasted vegetables with hot honey before serving. It caramelizes slightly in the oven, giving vegetables like carrots and Brussels sprouts a unique edge.

Transform Your BBQ
Enhance your barbecue sauces by mixing in hot honey, which adds depth to the flavors of ribs or pulled pork.

Innovate Salad Dressings
Whisk hot honey into vinaigrettes to dress greens or fruit salads, lending a spicy sweetness that refreshes traditional salad flavors.

Enrich Savory Dishes
Integrate hot honey into marinades for pork or chicken, ensuring that each bite is imbued with a complex flavor profile.

Spice Up Seafood
Brush hot honey over grilled salmon or shrimp for a glaze that balances the natural sweetness of the seafood with a lively spice.

Craft Daring Dips
Stir hot honey into mustard-based or cream-based dips to create bold accompaniments for pretzels, chicken strips, or vegetable platters.

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Readers' Hot Honey Tips

Liam from Chicago writes, "If you want a smoother consistency and more even flavor distribution, blend the peppers with a bit of vinegar before adding them to the honey. This extra step intensifies the spice and blends seamlessly."

Sophia from Miami suggests, "For an aromatic twist, add a sprig of thyme or rosemary while the honey and peppers simmer. It infuses the honey with a delightful herbal note that's great on roasted meats or vegetables."

Ethan from Seattle advises, "Don't throw out the strained peppers. Blend them into sauces or use them as a spicy garnish for dishes that need a little extra kick!"

Mary from Austin writes, "Store your hot honey in a squeeze bottle for easy drizzling. It's perfect for adding a quick spice to pizzas, cocktails, or even your morning tea."

Noah from Denver adds, "Experiment with different types of peppers to find your preferred level of heat. I love using habaneros for a really hot version, but for a milder taste, jalapeños are my go-to."

💡 Answer to Trivia Question:

Honey bees


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